Coaching Cameron Rose

I know that it’s Sunday and that I should be watching the football playoffs instead of typing this but if I would have posted this yesterday, every other word would have been a curse word.
This was one of the rare weeks, where we did not have a weekday game. I kind have wish we did so the game could have kept my head away from all of my bullshit. I lost my part time job as an aide (due to budget cuts) and my girlfriend broke up with me (we were only together for 3 months but it still hurts). Obviously, this has not been a good week.

If I had to pick one game on the calendar this it is the most important personally to me, it is the next game against the Bruins. We are playing my neighbor who’s mom got him off my team. This game is personal.

I took so many notes on this team that I was overwhelmed

On top of being a person with questionable character traits, I also question his basketball strategy. This coach lives and dies by the three pointer. I do not believe that, especially at this age. The kids should not get in the habit of taking ten long range shots a game, I think that they need to learn to take the high percentage shots and then work on the long range in practice. Even then, I think that long range shot is only good in small doses. If you rely on the three point shot, you can easily take yourself out of a game.
Well guess what, long range shooting from the other team took my team out of the game. They Bruins threes kept sinking in.
Something that I have never seen happen in a youth basketball game happened today, I saw a kid dunk in a game. It was great, the crowd went wild; so did I but for another reason. I was pissed.
Now, I understand that dunking is a common thing in basketball. However if you dunk in youth sports, in a recreation league game against my team then I am going to go ape-shit on you. I felt this kid showed no signs of respect to my team. It was clearly premeditated. I remember seeing him at tryouts trying to dunk. This is what established him as a first round pick. My team was down by 16 points with 6 minutes to go. The Bruins did not need any momentum, the had the game was basically won.
After this happened, I immediately called a timeout, to kill the momentum of the other team, to get my team to not play with their head down, to complain about the play, and to give the refs time to call a technical foul on the kid. Instead I got a foul and was made to look like the bad guy. I should be pissed but I will not the bullshit get to me when I am looking out for my team and for the good of youth basketball.
The Bruins coach may have taken the kid that dunked out of the game for the rest of the game but the damage was already done. The Bruins won the game. I give my team credit for getting the final score within 5 and not finishing with their heads down and playing with a chip on their shoulder. It was as if the Bruins threes got in our head and the dunk woke us up. It may have been my best 5 against the Bruins scrubs (who included my neighbor, ha) but those were 6 great minutes of basketball. The Bruins finished the game with confidence and my team played the hardest 6 minutes of basketball that I have ever seen. I am proud of them.
I wish that I could say that we lost because I let my personal problems take me away from the game but that is far from the case. We lost because the other team beat us. However, thanks to the game, I was able to live my life and not think about my demons. Instead of being pissed at my ex girlfriend and the people that laid me off, I am not pissed at how the game went. I am pissed that my neighbor and former friend who fucked me over went home with a smile on her face; I am pissed that the coach of the Bruins who I am convinced played a role in getting the player off of my team went home smiling, knowing that he got to me.   I may have coached emotionally but that is just who I am, an emotional person.
After the game I told my team to forget about this game. I won’t acknowledge it. The last 6 minutes of the game should have went differently. I told the parents to expect to come to practice to play, yes my parents. I want my team to play 5 on 5 against taller competition and learn to put their hands in the face of taller shooters, something that I think would have benefited us today.

Waves 58 Jayhawks 29
Huskies 60 Longhorns 39
Hurricanes 70 Matadors 31
Trojans 45 Aztecs 28

1. Waves 5-0
2. Jayhawks 4-1
2. Bruins 4-1  
4. Hurricanes 3-2
4. Huskies 3-2  next game
6. Matadors 2-3
6. Spartans 2-3
8. Longhorns 1-4
8. Trojans 1-4
10. Aztecs 0-5


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