Who Made the Team (TNA and WWE)

Top of their game-

1. Awesome Kong – if it is true that she got her release from TNA, she is going out on top. Also gets the top spot for punching Bubba the love sponge
2. Christian
3. CM Punk – best character ever
4. Luke Gallows – loved his transformation, looking forward to see him turning on CM Punk in a year and getting a push that he deserve
5. Rey Mysterio – he comes back from a steroid suspension and is better than ever, plus the fans love him like it never happened
6. Yoshi Tatsu- have you ever seen a guy who can’t speak English and doesn’t have a manager so over in WWE history?
7. Generation Me/Young Bucks – here until TNA kills them
8. Hamada – one of my favorite female wrestlers
9. Hornswoggle – I don’t get it but he got what he wanted and joined DX
10. Vince McMahon – gets Bret Hart to host Raw and kicks him in the balls, brilliant
11. Bobby Lashley’s Wife – Unlike other people, I like her and her character. The wrestling world needs more Vickie Guerrero’s.
12. Taylor Wilde and Sarita – I really liked this team and hope that they stay together
13. Ric Flair – He aligns himself with AJ Styles. This is just further proof that he knows what is best. He was aligned with Randy Orton, Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Lex Luger, Sting, Brian Pillman, Sid, and HHH before
14. Kevin Nash – the only secure guy in TNA
15. Angelina Love
16. Nasty Boys – I really like what they are offering TNA. I grew up watching these guys and loved everything about them. Can TNA bring in the Headbangers?
17. Sheamus – I don’t like him or the fact that he defends his title against weaker opponents (Evan Bourne, MVP) but he has held the title for this long so he earned it here
18. Mick Foley – Love the Bischoff feud
19. R Truth
20. Vance Archer – came out of nowhere to get this great push and I like it
21. Zack Ryder – Woo woo
22. Kurt Angle
23. Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta
24. Daniels – making the best out of the bad hand he was dealt
25. Drew McIntyre
26. Ezekiel Jackson
27. Amazing Red
28. Orlando Jordan
29. Desmonde Wolfe
30. Kane

The Bottom
1. Smackdown – I know, not a wrestler but this show went into the shitter. ECW has more wrestlers in the rumble than smackdown
2. Undertaker – The world champion is supposed to defend his title, he doesn’t. Time to retire
3. Randy Orton – WWE doesn’t know what to do with him now that he doesn’t have the belt. Here is what you do, have him in a feud with a Legacy member. Stop being afraid to push people, dumbasses.
4. Chris Jericho – what a shame that the WWE doesn’t know what to do with him after his tag title run
5. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman – Scott Hall should not be on tv right now. He was brought in and they don’t know what to do with him.
6. Dolph Ziggler – Where is the world did his push go? I was really starting to like him.
7. John Morrison – why is the WWE afraid to push this guy?
8. Jeff Hardy – he goes to TNA and is a Hogan lackey for one show then disappears
9. Hogan and Bischoff/TNA Creative – bring in their own guys to a company who has all the talent in the world. The show should not be about Hogan but it is
10. AJ Styles – He may be the TNA champion but only on paper. Hogan doesn’t believe that Styles is the champion.
11. Shelton Benjamin – I just don’t buy him as a good guy. WWE is killing him. He would dominate in TNA.
12. Homicide – TNA killed him
13. John Cena – he is afraid of Sheamus, what a joke
14. Jack Swagger – from ECW champion to jobber
15. Eric Young – World Elite is dead and he may be the Legends champion but did he even come out with that belt in the Nasty Boys match?
16. Matt Hardy
17. Samoa Joe – so he is a good guy now?
18. Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes – Why are they afraid to push these guys?
19. Jay Lethal
20. Brian Kendrick – he makes a big fuss about never getting away from indy wrestling again, then he goes and joins tna.


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