Coaching Cameron Rose

A broken heart and a depression from losing my job couldn’t keep my away from my duties as a coach but a sinus infection and a fever could. Even then, being sick could only keep me away from practice. I am not the type of person to miss a game at all.
Well, I didn’t miss the game despite not being able to talk or swallow anything without pain. That didn’t stop me at all. I was as loud as ever. I just conserved my voice by not yelling at the ref and whispering in the huddles. I really had no reason to complain to the refs. My team had the game won by the the first half despite playing a team that has played better than us. I am also proud because the dunk could have easily ruined the season for us. I think that the only kid that remembered that it happened was my brother and that is only because he is so sensitive. I have since arranged a bribe that he gets 7-11 slurpee after every game or practice that he doesn’t talk about it.
The Huskies are a very good team, we just played up to our potential. My star player put up 30 points and the rest of the team had 50+ points split between 5 players. I gotta give my brother credit, he has been working hard on his 3 pointers and hit an open look 3 pointer for his first ever 3 pointer in front of the team. He is a short little runt and the high school 3 point line that we play on is pretty far away for a 4 foot tall skinny kid.
I was very respectful during this blowout. At one point, I called a time out to kill my own team’s fast break. I also had my turnover prone kids throw the in bound passes towards the end of the game; partly so they can work on it and partly so the other team had a better chance to intercept the pass and lessen the blow of the blowout. Final score: Spartans 86 Huskies 48.

Hurricanes 50 Trojans 44
Waves 69 Longhorns 30
Matadors 44 Jayhawks 29
Bruins 38 Aztecs 32

1. Waves 6-0
2. Jayhawks 4-2
2. Bruins 4-2
2. Hurricanes 4-2
5. Huskies 3-3 
5. Matadors 3-3
5. Spartans 3-3
8. Longhorns 1-5 next game
8. Trojans 1-5
10. Aztecs 0-6


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