I was watching TNA and all I saw were the fans all had beer unless they were kids. I have a point of view on this from 3 perspectives: a wrestling fan who has attended several events where they serve beer with a child, a rock star (well not star but a performer), and a teacher/coach.
I have a few golden rules in my life. One of them is to never drink alcohol in front of a child. If you see me at team parties, wrestling events, or even restaurant nights: I will never have an alcoholic drink in my hand. Once I went to a restaurant fundraiser for a school that I worked at with Mrs. Rose and we wanted to drink some margaritas so we begged the waiters to put us in the back and away from the kids. I don’t even think that places like Chuck E Cheese or wrestling events that have kids should serve beer.
As most of you know, I attend just about every PWG event. Well, my brother is the loud mouth kid who is always yelling at the wrestlers. I hate it when drunk people react to him; it scares me. I have seen people get in his face and yell, people flip him off (which is a other story but basically I have no problem if you curse in the show but to direct it at a kid is my problem), some people even throw there beer at him. How do I explain to my mom that my brother smells like beer because a drunk guy threw beer at him? More importantly, how do I explain to my brother why these people are acting childish around him? Drunk people are children in adult bodies. I have no problem standing up for my brother but I do not want to get in a fight with a drunk guy and 5 of his friends who are also hammered so most of the time, I have to keep my mouth shut or tell my brother to be mature and stop acting his age. I have yet to see it in a wrestling event but one of these days, a drunk guy will hop the ropes and attack someone.
I have also had problems at concerts with drunk people; and not just in the pit. I have seen drunk people come up on the stage and harass members of the band mid song more than once. I hate having to watch my back in the pit for the fear of accidentally hitting a drunk too hard.
Look, I understand that beer brings revenue. Beer is extremely cheap revenue. I understand that money runs the world and helps promoters pay for the talent (wrestlers/bands). But look, we have bars and clubs for people to get drunk in. They go to these places for the specific reason of getting drunk with their friends and leaving with a new friend. When I go to a concert or a wrestling, I go for the concert. Take away the alcohol, it creates a hostile environment. People are at said events for the purpose of seeing the show.


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  1. Thanks for this! Very interesting.

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