Is Kurt Warner a hall of famer? That is the question.
Kurt Warner was in his thirties by the time he established himself as a legit NFL player. He led his team to two super bowls, winning one in what was basically his first 3 seasons of the NFL. What I have a problem with is he flamed out for a while after those Super Bowls. It took him 3-5 years to come back to glory.
I am thinking if Kurt Warner led a team like the Steelers to the Super Bowl last year and lost would we be giving him as much as credit? Since he led the Cardinals and the lowly Rams to Super Bowls, are we giving him credit when he we should be giving it to his amazing receivers.
I have always thought that Kurt Warner was a product of a good general manager. He had Marshall Faulk, Issac Bruce, and Tory Holt (3 more deserving players for the Hall of Fame than Warner) in St. Louis and had Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald (2 all world recievers) in Arizona.
I think that if Kurt Warner belongs in the NFL hall of fame then Curt Warner (The great Seahawks running back who made them relevant for the first time ever) should be in the Hall of Fame.
Are we just so desperate for a feel good story that we want to put him in the Hall of Fame or do we put him in the Hall of Fame for his Arena Football accomplishments as well? I say that we put him in the hall of fame because it is the pro football hall of fame and like it or not Arena Football is pro football, just like canadian. Even then, I am not sure if he is a first ballot Hall of Famer, he did not play long enough.


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