Another game, another win. There is not much to say about this win. We played a team who’s only win was a close game to the Trojans who only had one win entering today themselves. I gave one of my players my cold so he wasn’t at the game. We didn’t need him.
Not that it matters but I am still sick. I actually feel worse. I sat on the bench most of the game, didn’t even yell words of encouragement. I don’t remember calling any time outs; I didn’t need too. I was zoning out and drinking water with my bench players. It was the first game that I remember sitting down ever. I that just goes to show you how sick I am. FYI: coaching is not this easy. 
I hope the Longhorns coach wasn’t offended. It was obvious he was coaching his guts out today and still failed. His team just didn’t have the talent to compete with mine. I should call him and tell him that it was a great game and make sure that he knows that I respect him and his team. He is one of the few nice guys that coach in this league.
We won by about 25. I would post the score but I honestly don’t remember it. Maybe my brother does.

Hurricanes 50 Bruins 39
Trojans 30 Jayhawks 26
Waves 80 Matadors 60
Huskies 77 Aztecs 20

1. Waves 7-0  next game, hope I am feeling better because I would love to be the first to beat the giant at the top
2. Hurricanes 5-2
3. Jayhawks 4-3
3. Bruins 4-3
3. Huskies 4-3
3. Spartans 4-3
7. Matadors 3-4
8. Trojans 2-5
9. Longhorns 1-6
10. Aztecs 0-7


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