Right here is where I have been putting how great my team is and how I am proud of them but unfortunately today is a different story.
We haven’t had a team practice for the last 2 weeks and it showed today. I wasn’t planning on not having a practice, especially with us playing the undefeated Waves today but I am still just way too sick. It’s been a week since I caught this cold and I only feel worse. I am sure my depression isn’t helping me beat it either.
Today’s game really made me wish that I had an assistant coach. I am sure that he could have drawn up some plays better than my groggy self today. My throat is so sore that my voice is gone. You can really only understand me when I whisper. As you know when you are coaching in a game, you cannot whisper. It does not motivate your team and in a high school gym, no-one will hear the whisper; not that all of the kids would listen anyway. In fact, my voice was so shot that I had a bad sub mix up and one of my better players played 5 minutes less than I wanted. In those 5 minutes, this player could have easily put up 8 points.
It felt like 99.9% of today’s loss was because of my decisions to cancel practice or not getting through to the kids. 3 of my kids fouled out. This could easily be prevented because when we do practice, I drill in the importance of not acting guilty after the whistle is blown.
The other .1% was my team walking in to the game intimidated by the Waves record. We played with our heads down and it showed. We never had the lead and as I said 3 of my players fouled out. I am thankful that we had all of our players (my player who missed the last game after being sick is 100% and was able to play).
We will practice before Saturday no matter what. We may play the Aztecs but I don’t want to be the first team to lose to them. We lost by 22.

Bruins 60 Jayhawks 57 OT
Trojans 85 Matadors 61
Longhorns 67 Aztecs 66
Hurricanes 67 Huskies 55

1. Waves 8-0 
2. Hurricanes 6-2
3. Bruins 5-3
4. Jayhawks 4-4
4. Huskies 4-4
4. Spartans 4-4
7. Matadors 3-5
7. Trojans 3-5
9. Longhorns 1-6
10. Aztecs 0-8 next game


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