All time first round draft pick busts by teams

1. San Diego: Ryan Leaf
Honestly I didn’t even look at the rest of the field. He is the epitome of the a bust.

2. Denver: Mike Croel
I am making this list based primarily on first round picks and I am not including trades. The Broncos have whiffed big time on trades of their first round draft pick. Croel may have won some awards in his first year but he busted immediately after.

3. Chiefs: Sylvester Morris
No brainer here. Drafted in the first round, he only played one season.

4. Raiders: Patrick Bates
This was a really hard pick. Bates has some stiff competition. The Raiders really have drafted useful players. Like it or not, every player they drafted since the begining of the decade has been somewhat useful at one point or another. Ultimately based on his draft position and the fact that Bates busted after 3 years, I chose him. I wasn’t even tempted to put Jamarcus Russell or Michael Huff here yet. Also Huff has showed that he can be useful. Huff was graded by most scouts as a late first rounder anyway. 

5. 49ers: Alex Smith
This pains me because I love Smith. Ultimately he was a number one overall pick who should have gone in the second round. He was the product of a bad qb class and a qb needy team drafting first. Reggie McGrew was also considered

6. Seahawks: Dan McGwire
The Seahawks never really gave him a chance but like it not he was a bust and he is the reason the Seahawks drafted Rick Mirer who was also considered. I didn’t put Mirer on here because in the long run, McGwire is the reason that Mirer was even drafted.

7. Rams: Aaron Cox
Wow, what a list of picks to go through. They just traded Adam Carricker to move up 20 spots in the 5th round of this years draft. Do the names Adam Archuleta, Trung Canidate, Barry Redden, and Lawrence Phillips ring a bell? Ultimately I went with Cox because he was never a capable NFL player.

8. Cardinals: Wendell Bryant
Andre Wadsworth was also considered

9. Patriots: Robert Edwards
I was tempted to put Chad Jackson as my choice but he was a 2nd rounder I believe. Ultimately Robert Edwards had only one useful season ever.

10. Dolphins: Yatil Green
Not even close.

11. Bills: Erik Flowers
This is a team like the Panthers who I wish that I could put their use of first round draft picks on here for because their trade for JP Losman was by far one of the biggest draft day mistakes ever. Ultimately I picked a guy who has the least football name of the bunch and is famous for being not even being able to latch on to a CFL team.

12. Jets: Blair Thomas
Those laughs you hear are coming from New England and Miami all these years later. John Jones (sorry I was not familiar with him when I read about him) also deserved mention but ultimately I chose who I was familiar with. (My football knowledge is from 1987 and beyond)

13. Packers: Tony Mandarich
When I was researching for this article, all it took was for me to see Rick Reily’s face when he mentioned Mandarich. Also considered were Darrell Thompson and Rich Campbell.

14. Bears: Curtis Enis
This is the same team that gave birth to Cade McNown’s NFL career.

15. Vikings: Troy Williamson
I know that it is too soon to add him to the list but the fact that this was the pick that got traded for Randy Moss and to replace Randy Moss made me go with it. Also considered was Erasmus James who came from the same fucking draft.

16. Lions: Charles Rogers
Ultimately it came down to the fact that he was the number 2 pick overall. It is too easy to pick on the Lions draft history. This team could give you 32 busts but I am not going to dwell on that.

17. Bengals: Akili Smith
I really didn’t give this any thought because all I needed was to think about last years first round pick: Andre Smith. When I heard the name A. Smith come out of the commisioners mouth as the Bengals pick, I cringed.

18. Steelers: Troy Edwards
Tim Worley was also considered. The Steelers really have had a great drafts.

19. Browns: Courtney Brown
I wanted to go off the board with this. Tim COuch and William Green would have been too easy. Green had immense talent and slipped because of character issues, Couch probably would have done better without an expansion offensive line. I can rationalize the browns picks of Green and Couch but I can’t rationalize the Brown pick.

20. Ravens: Kyle Boller
I am tempted to put Mark Clayton here but he has since become a useful player despite not living up to his first round status. The Ravens haven’t drafted bad at all since their inception. In fact if you have to rank how any team uses their first round picks, the Ravens have to be first. Ultimately Boller cost the Ravens not just his first round pick but next years as well. And here is the kicker, it went to division rival Cleveland.

21. Colts: the Colts 1992 draft: Steve Emtman and Quentin Coryatt
They drafted one and two overall and both guys busted. I really couldn’t consider Jeff George because he became a solid career back up. What is more embarassing not for the Colts but for another team is that the team acquired the number 2 overall pick from the Bucs for Chris Chandler.

22. Texans: Travis Johnson
Thought that it would be a cop out to say David Carr. I view Carr as todays Sam Bradford. The Texans were a brand new team who didn’t have a decent qb on their roster. Carr was the logical choice. Johnson had the chance to make the team better and really only made them worse.

23. Titans: Adam Jones
I know that this is an easy pick but what irks me is that he didn’t just bust in life, he busted as a solid cornerback/safety. He had nothing to offer but return skills and you should not get that out of a top ten pick.

24. Jaguars: Matt Jones
Reggie Williams cannot be forgotten. I chose Matt Jones because he was drafted in the first round as a man without a position. Jones was a college quartback but was drafted a reciever. I don’t think that it is wise to draft an athlete in the first few rounds. I hope that for Tim Tebow’s sake, he is drafted as a QB and not a TE or RB. This choice shows why the Jaguars have never won or even been to a super bowl.

25. Cowboys: David LaFleur
I will never forget the Dallas Cowboys draft day trade with the Orlando Breakers for a ranch in exchange for the first pick overall. Best move ever, too bad it wasn’t real and was only in the TV show Coach. 

26. Redskins Wilber Marshall
Okay, he was never a Redskins pick but they had to give up 2 first round draft picks in exchange for signing him. At the time, the move was legendary because he was first free agent in years to switch teams. The move while not thought to put Washington over the top, was praised by Redskin. He may have won a Super Bowl with the team but he cost the team 2 first round picks, picks that could have contributed more the redskins. My real pick not cheating would not be Heath Shuler, it would be Desmond Howard. Howard is the reason that you don’t draft Heisman trophy winners just because they won the Heisman.

27. Giants: Jarrod Bunch
Not an easy choice. Ron Dayne contributed more than Bunch. Tyrone Wheatley was also considered, heavily.

28. Eagles: Freddie Mitchell
This guy was and always will be a punchline.

29. Falcons: Aundray Bruce
This guy was so bad that I even forgot about him until I researched this. Bruce Pickens, Chris Miller, and Michael Booker were considered.

30. Bucs: Bo Jackson
Jackson didn’t even play for the team, and the team didn’t get a compensation pick….BURN!

31. Saints: Vaughn Dunbar
Saints fans told me to. Didn’t know any others, don’t want to know.

32. Panthers:
Because I am such a fan, I left it blank. I am still pissed at the trade for Sean Gilbert and how we gave up our first rounder the past 2 years. If I had to pick it would be Rashard Anderson. The Kerry Collins pick didn’t bug me because he was tabbed as a franchise qb coming out of school and Rae Carruth had a bunch of talent and was worth the gamble at 27.


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