not supporting the Jimmy Clausen pick as a panthers fan

I am not the biggest fan in the world of the Jimmy Clausen pick and here are a couple of a reasons why:
1. I was not familiar with all the players in the draft but I was familiar with the quarterbacks, especially Clausen and Tebow. I loved Tebow more then any other quarterback because he reminded me of a poor man’s Steve Young. Young is by far my favorite quarterback of all time. I grew up worshipping Young, wishing that I could become him one day. I even tried to be left handed just because he was. Tebow was the first player in years who reminded me of young. (For the record, I don’t buy all his bullshit personality traits. He is a smart guy for saying all the right things but I think that he is no better then a politician when it comes to talking and performing.) McCoy was my number 2 qb, and Clausen was my number 3. The Panthers took Clausen at 3 and I don’t blame them. It is always smart to draft for value but I don’t think that Clausen has all the tools. His decision making was not as smart as McCoys.
2. Drafting Clausen buys John Fox more time when we already had a perfectly good qb on the roster. It would put Panthers management in a tough spot to fire a coach with Clausen on board. We have seen what coaching changes have done to Jason Campbell and Jamarcus Russel; and what a coordinator change did to Vince Young. It would simply not be smart to change coaches in the next 3 years, unless you keep the same offensive system and coordinator in place.
If I am the Panthers, I fire Fox right now. I know that it is late and would be controversial but Fox is clearly not the guy who will lead the franchise to the next level.
3. Terrance Cody was on the board and we had a huge need that he would have filled.


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