Instead of a long awaited “Who Made the team” here is something different. I did a little fantasy draft of every wrestler with my little brother. Part of it was to bond with him but part of it was to rate the superstars and see where they were in the eyes of a 4th grader who has a bunch of friends who watch wrestling. I was also intrigued to see where he would pick Hulk Hogan.
Rules were simple we picked 33 wrestlers: tag teams and stables of 3 or less counted as 1 pick. We were each obligated to pick 3 tag teams and 6 girls.
My little brother is the famous PWG kid that you hear yelling in all the DVDs. So he will be listed as PWG Kid. I gave him the first pick. Each round we alternated who picked first. Since he picked 1st in round one, I pick first in round 2, he then picks first in round 3.

PWG Kid: John Cena (Round 1, 1st overall)
Rose: Chris Jericho (1, 2)

Rose: CM Punk (2, 3)
PWG Kid: Triple H (2, 4)

Pwg Kid: Undertaker (3, 5)
Rose: Rey Mysterio (3, 6)

Rose: Now here is where I had a hard time deciding who I wanted. I had 4 guys who I reall wanted and they are all off the board. I almost went with a TNA guy here but I didn’t know who I would pick first Hardy or Angle. Right now I am torn between Edge or Batista. Who do I risk losing. I pick Edge based because he is younger (I cannot confirm this)
Edge (4, 7)
PWG Kid: Kane (4, 8) He wanted to see the Brother of Destruction back as a tag team. Sounds like a good idea.

PWG Kid: Batista (5, 9) Little bastard stole my pick. I was hoping he would take Randy Orton. When I asked him why he didn’t pick Orton, he said that he didn’t like him anymore now that he is a good guy. Interesting.
Rose: Big Show (5, 10)

Rose: Christian (6, 11) This was a bit of strategy. My brother said he didn’t like Orton. So I risk losing Orton at the expense of taking Christian who I feel that I will probably lose in the next two picks. This is the biggest reach of the draft so far.
PWG Kid: Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy (6, 12) He said he wanted the Hardy Boys. I let him have them even though they are in different promotions. Jeff Hardy got so fat and lazy now that he is in TNA, he could use Matt to carry him right now anyway. Kid said that I can get the rest of the Straight Edge Society because of this. Fair trade.

PWG Kid: Randy Orton (7, 13) Little bastard called my bluff. He was pissed that I took Christian. Fair trade in my book. Christian makes a better face then Orton and has more charisma.
Rose: Kurt Angle (7, 14) Kid didn’t see how good he was when he was in WWE. I did. His loss. I will have to dig up some tapes for him.

Rose: The Miz (8, 15) A reach: Yes. But I wanted him and he was really the only person who I had on my must list now that all the WWE big guns are off the board. I wanted Matt Morgan but felt that he could wait.
PWG Kid: Rob Van Dam (8, 16) He is ecstatic that RVD is still on the board. He couldn’t believe that I didn’t take him. I would have passed on RVD for life. I am not into potheads. He can have RVD.

PWG Kid: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman (9, 17) I like this move a lot for a kid. I didn’t think that I would have to worry about Nash being gone this early.
Rose: Homicide and Herandez (9, 18) Okay they are technically not together but neither are the Hardy Boys.
Rose: Beer Money (10, 19) Okay tag teams are on my brain. There are only 3 wrestlers that aren’t in tag teams that I covet. Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan, and Mr Anderson. I chose Beer Money over the Machine Guns and Generation Me. I don’t mind losing Generation Me but I hope the Machine Guns are still on the board.
PWG Kid: Shannon Moore/Jesse Neal ink Inc. (10, 20) A little early for them in my opinion but I would have picked them up later myself. Who knew that a 4th grader knew how to draft.

PWG kid: Motor City Machine Guns Sabin and Shelley (11, 21) I am regretting that LAX pick
Rose: Generation Me (11, 22) the run of tag teams end here with Team 3d, Dude Brothers, Beautiful People, Hart Dynasty

Rose: Jeff Jarrett (12, 23)
PWG Kid: Hogan (12, 24) He wanted team Hogan but I said no because he already picked Hardy and RVD. Abyss and the Pope were the only ones left from the team anyway.

PWG Kid: Abyss (13, 25)
Rose: Anderson (13, 26) If this was real life, I would hate to pick Anderson at number 13.

Rose: Matt Morgan (14, 27)
PWG Kid: Tara (14, 28) Interesting that she was the first girl picked. Free agency better bring her riches.

PWG Kid: Taylor Wilde (15, 29) Because he hated the Beautiful People and wanted a girl.
Rose: Hart Dynasty (15, 30) I asked myself who the best girl not named Tara on the board was and my answer was: Natalya.

Rose: Kofi Kingston (16, 31) Before the kid realizes that he overlooked him, I grabbed him.
PWG Kid: Great Khali (16, 32) Never too early to pick up big guys for your roster

Kid: Pope D’Angelo Dinero (17, 33) Pope goes before guys like AJ Styles, John Morrison, Samoa Joe, and MVP
Rose: Beautiful People (17, 34)

Rose: Samoa Joe (18, 35)
Kid: Paul London (18, 36) He seriously loves London and was glad that I put him on the list of wrestlers for us to pick from.

Kid: Beth Phoenix (19, 37) Best girl on the board
Rose: AJ Styles (19, 38) Value pick

Rose: Shelton Benjamin (20, 39)
Kid: Mark Henry (20, 40)

Kid: R-Truth (21, 41) Great Pick
Rose: Desond Wolfe (21, 42)

Rose: Cody Rhodes (22, 43)
Kid: Mickie James (22, 44) Best girl on the board. I need to start picking girls.

Kid: Daniel Bryan (23, 45)
Rose: Sting (23, 46) Another value pick. Can’t believe he slipped this far.

Rose: Santino (24, 47)
Kid: Shark Boy (24, 48)

Kid: Suicide (25, 49)
Rose: ODB (25, 50)

Rose: Rob Terry (26, 51)
Kid: Bella Twins (26, 52)

Kid: Rhyno (27, 53)
Rose: Davey Richards (27, 54)

Rose: Tiffany (28, 55)
Kid: MVP (28, 56)

Kid: Team 3d (29, 57)
Rose: Austin Aries (29, 58)

Rose: Roderick Strong (30, 59)
Kid: Brian Kendrick (30, 60)

Kid: Chris Hero (31, 61)
Rose: Shad (31, 62)

Rose: Goldust (32, 63)
Kid: John Morrison (32, 64)

Kid: Amazing Red (33, 65 )
Rose: Brutus Magnus (33, 66)

Notables not picked: Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Ric Flair, Tyler Black, Daniels(Who by the way is still on the TNA roster page), Jay Lethal, Eric Young, Kelly Kelly, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, Kazarian, Orlando Jordon


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