Roy Oswalt Sweepstakes

Next to each team is a number of how likely out of 29 teams that it will land Roy.

Nationals(10): Oswalt would probably not approve a trade to them. They have the money though and Oswalt would help them in the Wild Card hunt.

Mets(12): they need him but they would be hesitant to pull the trigger on that contract. Mets fans would love the trade because it would mean Oliver Perez is on his way out.

Braves(21): Do they have the money for him? They could be a player if they could pull their finances together but a rotation of Hudson, Lowe, and Oswalt would be a huge financial burden.

Phillies(22): need money for Werth, not pitching.

Marlins(28): aren’t willing to pay for him so no go.

Dodgers (1): if their is a team that needs him, it is the Dodgers. They actually do have the money with Manny’s contract coming off the books.

Giants(13): do they really need another pitcher? Should probably use their money to find a power hitter.

Padres(20): probably don’t have the money but he would make them interesting

Rockies(25): Oswalt won’t approve a trade here.

Diamondbacks(26): Doubt Oswalt would approve a trade here either.

Cardinals(8): Are the only team in the division that I could see him getting moved to but here is the thing: they need money for Albert Pujols so this makes the Cards adding payroll a longshot.

Reds(9): What a lot of people fail to realize is that the Reds have a lot of money to spend and will have more to spend when Harrang’s contract comes off their books. Now do they want to spend 20 million on one Roy Oswalt when they can get 3 Randy Wolf’s? Will Oswalt even approve a trade to them? I doubt it on both accounts but I would not count them out of the Oswalt race.

Brewers(11): Need him but don’t have the resources available to get him.

Cubs(24): Have no room for him. Probably would do it if they could get out of the Zambrano contract in exchange.

Pirates(29): Oswalt would never approve a trade to them but don’t rule them out. They have been known the surprise people witht their money spending. Remember when they acquired Matt Morris?
Angels(3): Were on the first destinations that I thought of when Oswalt became available. They sorely miss Lackey and Oswalt could be the missing piece.

Oakland(14): Have tons of young pitchers to trade and Eric Chavez will retire soon meaning he is coming off their payroll.

Seattle(23): Clearly is in a win now mode. Might even be willing to take on Lance Berkman which would make for a  huge blockbuster trade. Oswalt would only go to Seattle if Berkman goes and vice versa. Not realistic but still an interesting scenario.

Texas(27): Could use him but with the ownership change, it is very unlikely.

Cleveland Indians(2): They could trade Johnny Peralta in the deal and with Kerry Wood coming off their books, they would have the money to do the trade. It is a longshot but I could see it happening.

Detroit(7): Would Houston be willing to take on Jeremy Bonderman? If they would be, the pieces could fit for a deal.

Minnesota(15): very interesting destination. I am not sure if they have the 20 million dollars that are free but if they magically did then an interesting case could be made for them.

Kansas City(16): Oswalt has a no trade clause, he would never approve a trade to Kansas City. If he didn’t have a no trade clause, I could see him going to Kansas City

Chicago White Sox(19): Already have an overpaid top of the rotation starter and are better off using the money somewhere else

Boston(4): Would be a great fit in their rotation and they sure could use him now. But who would they move off their 25 an roster for him?

Baltimore(5): Almost pulled off a deal for him once before the Astros owner nixed it, I could definitly see it happening again. They certainly have the money to spend.

New York Yankees(6): they certainly would be considered a favorite and are always up to do a deal if they could block the Red Sox from getting the coveted player. The Yankees have a lot of high end prospects that would be perfect for the Astros but would they be willing to give them up for a pitcher that they really don’t need?

Tampa Bay(17): Have bigger priorities to use their money on like resigning their own guys.

Toronto(18): they may be off to a hot start but I just can’t see them adding a veteran pitcher right now. It would be essentially saying we fucked up by trading Halladay so here is Halladay light.


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