if i was a wwe writer

With Wade Barrett going to Raw, I would put him in a feud with Mark Henry. Something tells me that they turned Kozlov face with the forsight of having him feud with Barrett.
I would love to see Daniel Bryan as a pro in NXT.
With Matt Hardy’s suspension they are creating the perfect opening for Justin Gabriel to come in and feud with Drew McIntyre over having him get his mentor suspended. Gabriel has no chance of going to Raw where Evan Bourne has the same finisher as him. 
I like the Drew McIntyre power angle but I really hope that they don’t say that all the letters are frauds. It would kill his character.
With the loss of Undertaker and the lack of main eventers on Smackdown, I think that it is only fair to give Kane his main event shot. I would love to see a Kane/Jack Swagger feud. I would actually prefer that feud to a Swagger/Mysterio feud.
Whoever beats Swagger for the title needs to be an established main eventer. While I want to see someone like Kofi Kingston pushed beating a midcarder like Swagger for the world title would lessen the impact of his move to the main event scene. As far as I am concerned right now, the World Heavyweight title has less prestige than the Intercontintal title. Heck the IC champion even beat the World Champ recently.
Christian needs to be put in the main event scene, while he is this hot. While a feud with Ziggler would help Ziggler get over, I think that Christian would be better utilized then being in a program that includes Hornswoggle. In fact, it seems like they are trying to kill Christian with this Hornswoggle bit.
I really hope that they have plans for Jericho. I would love to see him feud with Jerry Lawler when the steam from the Bryan/Michael Cole feud clears.
Goldust or another Raw face needs to turn heel because they need more people to put over people like Yoshi and Santino.
I would like to see Darren Young or another NXT rookie unmasked as the masked man in the SES. In the long run, if the guy isn”t unmasked soon, I think that they will drop the angle.


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