In an imaginary world TNA has just been sold to the WWE and they are doing a true WWE vs TNA pay per view.
Santino comes out and issues an open challenge to anyone in the TNA locker room. The Nation of Violence music hits and Samoa Joe comes out and makes quick work of Santino.

Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger in a flag match
Swagger comes out and cuts promo saying that he is the true American hero and the All American American.
Kurt Angle comes out and the match begins. Angle silences Swagger and grabs the flag for the win after a long bout.

RVD vs CM Punk
CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo on RVD’s pot smoking ways. RVD comes out and the match begins. Pretty solid match and probably a match of the year candidate with both using the kicks that they have in their arsenal of moves.
CM Punk wins the match and cuts a promo on how RVD was winded from all of his smoking.

Sting vs Triple H would be tonight’s main event
Triple H comes out and waits for Sting. Triple H anxiously waits and faces the titan tron. Sting drops down from the rafters and is behind Triple H who has no idea he is there. Sting hits Triple H with a baseball bat for a couple seconds. When Triple H starts to fight him off and kicks the bat to the side, the bell rings to start the match.
After some back and forth for a while Sting finally gets the upper hand. He lock in the Scorpion Deathlock. Triple H is ready to tap out until:
The lights go out and Undertaker’s music plays. The pay per view fades to black. The dream Sting vs Undertaker feud has been set up.

Make sure to buy the DVD as there will be bonus match that features Kozlov vs Sid.


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