I really like the way the NXT angle is playing out on Raw. I do want to comment on a few things about it though:

Michael Tarver with that bandana/mask over his mouth makes him look like a real assasin.

I do not buy Justin Gabriel as a heel at all. He has a baby face look and his body language shows that he hates being a heel.

Without Wade Barret last night, I was pleased with the group. In my opinion, the group is scarier and more unpredictable without a leader.

Another guy who I don’t buy as a member of the group is David Otunga. I think that he would do great as a midcard heel with a diva in his corner.

Heath Slater is really impressing me with his work in the group.

Now onto NXT season 2.
Who do you see getting knocked out? I think that everyone in the group is solid. It wasn’t like season one where Skip Sheffield and Darren Young were the obvious weak guys.
There may be no weak guys in season 2, but it seems obvious that Alex Riley will win, or at the very least come in second to Mr. Henig. My best guess as to who gets eliminated today is Titus O’Neal, Eli Cottonwood, or Kaval. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Husky Harris gone.
Cottonwood has the size but he is one of those guys who needs to be babied in his debut. His gimmick just does not fit NXT.
I love what they are doing with Kaval. I hope that Lay Cool don’t kick him out.
Is it just me or is the only thing exciting about Lucky Cannon is his name?

My little brother loves Percy Watson.

Lastly, Scott Lost just announced his retirement. He is one of my favorite all time wrestlers and I hate to see him go.


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