WWE recently revealed its list of Top 50 Superstars of all time and I am livid. For those that haven’t seen it, here is a link: http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/article/wwe-reveals-its-list-of-the-top-50-superstars-of-all-time-116639

Now here is what it should look like.

1. (23) Hulk Hogan – This is a tough one but he is the reason a lot of people watched wrestling at all. He was the first superstar who really had the WWE machine behind him. His shirts and other merchandise were in every store for a while.

2. (3) Stone Cold Steve Austin – The man that I credit with the 90’s boom. Him, the Rock, and DX helped kill WCW.

3. (5) The Rock

4. (2) Undertaker
5. (1) Shawn Michaels
6. (4) Bret Hart

7. Randy Savage (14)
8. John Cena (16)
9. HHH (12)
10. Kurt Angle (34)
11. Iron Shiek (31)
12. Ted DiBiase (26)
13. Andre the Giant (8)
14. Jake Roberts (39)

15. Buddy Rogers (35)
16. Billy Graham (38)
17. Ricky Steamboat (7)
18. Ivan Koloff (NR)
19. Vince McMachon (NR)
20. Freddy Blassie (28)
21. Gorilla Monsoon (36)
22. Jimmy Snuka  (32)
23. Sgt. Slaughter (42)
24. Killer Kowalski (50)
25. Bruno Sammartino (24)
26. Mick Foley (33)
27. Rey Mysterio (9)
28. Ric Flair (17) did nothing in WWE until later in his career.
29. Bob Backlund (47)
30. Pat Patterson (30)
31. Junkyard Dog (37)
32. Pedro Morales (NR)

33. Lex Luger (NR)
34. Owen Hart (NR)
35. Chris Benoit (NR) – I understand why he is not on the list but for the life of me I could not put him ahead of guys like Jericho or Guerrero
36. Chris Jericho (25)
37. Lou Thesz (21)
38. Gorgeous George (13) – I know that I am not doing the first true superstar in wrestling justice but I genuinly believe that the guys above him are better. Plus his gimmick was kind of out there.
39. Eddie Guerrero (11)
40. Mr Perfect (15)
41. Yokozuna (NR)
42. Wahoo McDaniel (NR)
43. Roddy Piper (10)
44. CM Punk (NR) I know that I may get crap for this one but I like him better then EDGE, Orton, Batista, and Hardy. He has the best character out of all of them. To me character epitomizes Superstar.
45. Kane (43) Would the Undertaker have his longevity without Kane?
46. Edge (19)
47. King Kong Bundy (47)
48. Rick Rude (48)
49. Big John Studd (NR)
50. Don Muraco (NR)

22. Terry Funk – overRATED
18. Dusty Rhodes – Nothing for the E
27. Fabulous Moolah – Madusa or whatever her name was in the machine, was far more productive in my opinion and did not deserve to be on this list so Moolah doesnt.
6. Harley Race   I researched this one and then did even more but for the life of me, I couldn’t see his major contributions, nor anything to justify him being number 6 on the list
46. Dory Funk Jr. – Did nothing for the E or F
20. Jerry Lawler – His only contribution was as a commentator. He did have some good moments as a superstar. Most notable when he debuted Dr. Issac Yankum (Kane’s first real role in the WWE) to irritate Bret Hart
41. Jack Brisco
40. Big Show
29. Randy Orton
45. Jeff Hardy
49. Batista
44. Nick Bockwinkel


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