Greatest Wrestlers to never win WCW title. A list that doesn’t mention Scott Hall or Arn Anderson and doesn’t have Steve Austin ranked.

There have been some awful wrestlers who have won the WCW World Championship over time. A lot of awful wrestlers, and those that weren’t bad won the title multiple times under worse circumstances. There was a time when the title changed hands, more than the average college student goes to a party.

top WCW wrestlers never to win the title:

1. Raven
It is a shame Raven was never seriously considered a Main Eventer in WCW. He had it all: he was a leader of a powerful group in WCW (The Flock), he had the charisma, the wrestling ability, and was actually given a ton of time for his promos for a midcarder. Maybe if the Flock wasn’t around the same time as the NWO.

2. Kidman
Once Raven’s Flock disbanded, Kidman was the only one used at all. He was given several main event matches and at one point, it actually looked like he would win the WCW title in a match. WCW always teased us by having Kidman and Rey Mysterio come so close to winning the title. Maybe if WCW hadn’t gone bankrupt, one of them would have one the title.

3. Rey Mysterio Jr
In all honesty, he never showed the charisma in WCW that we have seen now. I just couldn’t make this list and not have him near Kidman.

4. Curt Henig
Henig always had the charisma and talent. Henig’s perfectplex finisher is one of my favorite finishers. I think if Henig had never screwed over the 4 horsemen and joined the NWO, he probably would have been in a better position to get the title. He should have had another chance when he was the leader of the Rednecks, but by that time injuries had derailed his career.

5. Cactus Jack
Had some great feuds with Vader over the title but never won it. Still he was a main eventer in WCW.

6. British Bulldog
I am not talking about the Bulldog that came back to WCW with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. I am talking about the Bulldog that was a fixture in the main event scene in the early 90s and always seemed to have his hand caught in the cookie jar.

7. Wrath
Sure Wrath lacked charisma but he was the most powerful superstar WCW had. Bookers/Writers didn’t even kill him in the late 90s. Few may remember in the late 90s when he was one of the last people in the WW3 battle despite not having an alliance with the 4 horsemen or NWO, then got hosed.

8. Meng
Meng was a beast in singles competition. He was a true animal who could turn a match around in an instant. However, bookers did find a way to have him job out to the Goldbergs and Hogans. He was better then that.

9. Roddy Piper
Deserved the World Title more so than Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, and hundreds of others. Sure he was limited towards the end, but he had the charisma and was one of the few guys who always seemed to be on level ground with Hogan.

10. Brian Pillman
This spot was the hardest to pick because I leave so many great wrestlers off this list as a result. Ultimately, I gave it to the best character on the list. If Brian Pillman was given his due, he would have never left WCW and for all we know, his life may have changed for the better (or he would have partied harder and died sooner). If the loose cannon character was able to capture the World Title before Steve Austin got his due in the WWE, WCW may still be around.

Honorable Mentions.
Kanyon- Who’s better than Kanyon? Their aren’t that many people who are. I always have felt that creative held him back as punishment for Raven walking out.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Fit Finlay
Nikita Koloff

Chris Jericho is not included because he was a comedy act in WCW. Having Jericho win the title in WCW would have been like Santino win the title right now.¬† In my opinion Steve Austin lacked the superstar look in WCW: remember Steve Austin was a balding midcarder. Someone told me Stevie Ray who was Booker T’s fat older brother. Ditto for Rick Steiner. Dr Death was never around too long to make a name for himself.


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