Dance and Wrestling: more common than you think

In my second venture of college, I have taken a Dance Appreciation class. In the class we are learning about choreography. As a result, I can’t help but think that of wrestling(the sports entertainment: WWE/TNA version as we know it); after all every wrestling match is choreographed.

I feel like I must ask, is there really that much of a difference between wrestling and dance? Isn’t Dance, Wrestling’s bride?
– How many females do we see in wrestling? How many males do we see dance? I would have to think that the scale is pretty close to even on this one.
-Until recently, I thought that dance performers didn’t put their body through that much. Boy, was I wrong. We all know the intense workouts that wrestlers have to endure to keep their body in top shape.

People often question my sexuality because I love wrestling. They can’t believe that I am a heterosexual who likes watching grown men parade around half naked. The truth is that I don’t like the fact that they are half naked but I do love wrestling, for the same reason people love dance: because it tells a story and they both have jaw-dropping moves. Sure wrestling uses more martial arts, but it is still a choreographed show for the audience (I know WWE Raw doesn’t showcase that much wrestling and is mostly talk but go to an independent wrestling show).
In fact some of my favorite wrestlers, are the ones who wear masks. Those that wear a mask usually have a story to their character. I only liked Kane when he wore his mask. When he lost it, he lost his allure to me. Take a look at the Undertaker. It is a simple “dead man gimmick” yet it has lasted almost 20 years and is still going strong. One of the reasons, the classic Swan Lake is so cherished in the dance community is because of the characters. We see a lady dressed up as a Swan, and an evil character trying to stop her. True characters. (Look at the Phantom of the Opera, or Cinderella among others) Wrestling will come back when the writers bring back the true characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sgt. Slaughter, or the Ultimate Warrior. Those characters were larger than life; we don’t see that anymore. The biggest draw that wrestling has is a former white rapper who portrays a soldier gimmick (John Cena), no wonder it is in the toilet.
I stopped watching wrestling when I was a kid because I watched it like it was a fake fight, now I watch it for what it is: a choreographed fake fight. I have got past that it is not real and now see athletes telling a story with their bodies.
Dance and wrestling are simply people telling a story with their body.


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