The Derek Jeter saga is getting insane. At this point, it looks like he is closer to being a Red Sock than a Yankee. I could care less about which team he is playing on (unless it is the Dodgers), but there is something bugging me about the situation. He seems to think that he deserves AJ Burnett and A Rod money. Dude, tha Yankees played the market with those contracts. The Cardinals and Giants were in on A Rod; but that is a bad example. AJ Burnett had more competition for his services. He was coming off some great years with the Blue Jays, proved that he could compete in the AL East and half of the MLB was competing for his services. The Yankees won out by giving him an extra year. Not only that, there was other facors in signing him: he is great friends with Roy Halladay and could have helped recruit him. Jeter is in his late 30s and fading. Nobody would give him more than 10 million dollars unless it was to spite the Yankees. Jeter is playing the market and failing. His best option may be to take a one year deal with a high salary, say 12 to 18 million dollars and see if next year’s market is better.
Other teams that may want him: Red Sox, Giants, Cardinals, Dodgers, Athletics, Angels, Royals, White Sox, Orioles, Astros, and Pirates. Pure speculation though.


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