Na na na na, hey hey good bye to MVP

MVP is gone from the WWE and this is one of the few releases that I agree with.
To be honest, I am surprised that he has lasted this long. His gimmick was awful. A most valuable superstar, who was a great free agent. I understand that wrestling is scripted but come on; what an awful way to introduce a nobody. Let alone the fact that why would  convicted criminal be a “coveted free agent”…just plain awful. The only way to legitimize the gimmick was to have him become a world champion fast and he didn’t.
I can see MVP coming back in a different gimmick. If you put him in a Nation of Domination stable as an angry black-man (which he is suited for with his backround) and have him ditch the MVP persona. (On a side note, isn’t the Nation, the most underrated stable ever? It helped propel the Rock to the main event status, and it also helped propel DX into what they became. DX would have been nothing after HBK left if they didn’t have the Nation to feud with).
Once it was established that MVP was not a championship contended, he should have been discarded. He failed: his gimmick as a face should have worked well in the PG enviroment, his gimmick was perfect as a heel champion. Bye, bye MVP. Too bad WCW isn’t around. You would have been a perfect TV champion, midcarding on Thunder.


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