Magic Fans are stupid

As a regular to, I have seen that Magic fans love the moves made by their GM today to “bolster the team”. If you call depleting the team of every asset they had for a handful of junk then I agree.  The Suns coveted Marcin Gortat and the Magic knew this, yet for some reason he is a toss in to make the trade work. Jason Richardson is a Vince Carter clone. All he can do is score, nothing else. He can’t play a lick of defense which is why he was perfect for the Suns. Now he moves to the East and will be asked to guard the likes of Lebron and Paul Pierce. There is a reason that he failed in Charlotte. The Magic will bury Earl Clark on the bench regardless of the fact that they need him. The worst part is, the Magic are trading their best defensive player for a chance at past glory. Mikael Pietrus is one of my favorite players in the league for a reason: he is the perfect role player. He gives you everything he has on defense and when he is on, he can give you 10 points a game. (I wouldn’t ask anything more from him.) Pietrus is not a Suns player and for his sake, I hope they jettison him to a playoff contender like Boston (he would be the perfect fit on their bench that has lost Tony Allen).
By getting Turkoglu back who has his best seasons next to Rashard Lewis who albeit  plays the same position, they are jettisoning the one player who helped him grow as a player. Thats right people, it wasn’t Dwight Howard, it was Lewis. So naturally they are ditching him for a player who likes to carry the ball in his hands for most of the game and takes the place of Jameer Nelson. Yes, Gilbert “I am going to shank your mother” Arenas is coming to town to take Jameer Nelson’s spot, not Vince Carter’s or Rashard Lewis’. If I am Nelson, I am either loving the fact that I will get paid to sit on the bench or begging the Magic to trade my All Star caliber talent to a point guard needy team. (San Antonio comes to mind now that Tony Parker lost his mojo at the point and or Philadelphia which is Nelson’s hometown and have yet to replace the long gone Andre Miller)
Why should a team that is 16-9 hit the panic button? They are still the fourth best team in the east and a playoff lock. Are they trying to keep Dwight Howard? The Cavaliers were constantly rebuilding their core around Lebron and he still bolted. This is the 3rd time now that the Magic have rebuilt their core around Dwight Howard and they will still fail. Magic fans better buy a plane ticket to Miami because that is the only championship I see in Florida’s future anytime soon; the Miami Dolphins.
Sadly the trades today aren’t even the worst that I have, that goes to the Hornets GM when he traded Peja and  Jeryd Bayless for Jarret Jack and the right to overpay Marcus Banks. Does winning make teams stupid? The Hornets could have got so much more than Jack for either one of those guys. I will admit though that I did like the Lakers move of Sasha and a 1st rounder for Joe Smith. They were going to give that pick away regardless; they were wise to use it now then later.


One Response to Magic Fans are stupid

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Hey man, great post I’m defs glad I took the time out to read it. Anyways, I was just shocked to see this big blockbuster trade go through and it just makes the NBA season that much more exciting. Hedo Turkoglu going back to the magic with Gilbert along with J-Rich. The Magic really needed a shakeup and I think it will be good for them. Actually, I think it works out pretty decently for all the teams. They seemed to have gotten what they wanted, or gotten rid of what they didn’t want for that matter lol. Also, you think you could check out my blog, cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

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