Trading Melo East

Atlanta would be an obvious spot with Jamal Crawford’s expring deal. They also can offer Josh Smith or Marvin Williams. Atlanta would do a trade like this if the long term money outlook is good, at they same time they probably wont do this trade unless they give up some core guys who have high salaries. Good fit on paper, bad on finances.

Won’t happen unless Ray Allen goes. Even then Pierce plays exactly like Anthony.

See West trade with Dallas. Other than Wallace and Diaw, they don’t have anything to offer though. Probably will not happen.

If the Nuggets dont want Deng and junk then its not happening. The Nuggets have no match with them unless they offer Noah or Rose. Even with Noah, I am not sure that I would accept if I am the Nuggets GM.

How sad would it be to see the them trade for Melo then have him leave? They have the pieces. Antawn Jamison can be traded with candy. Williams, Varejao, Gibson could all be appealing to Denver. Cleveland will only do this with a promise that Melo signs the extension. How fitting would it be to see him replace Lebron. If he goes there and fails to sign then he can potentially become a bigger villain than Lebron.

Rip Hamilton and Greg Monroe or Prince and Monroe. If Stuckey makes or breaks the deal, the Pistons should part with him.
In my opinion this is a great deal. It would help the Pistons immensely and it is the most competitive deal with New Jersey. Plus how great would it be to see Billups with one of his Detroit bash brothers? The Nuggets would finally right the wrong of passing on Melo. This is the deal that needs to be made for both teams.

Should be a solid fit. Too many moving pieces. Dunleavy, Ford, and any of the several young guys on the Pacers.

The Michael redd expring contract and Mbah a Moute. Nothing special.

Nets and Knicks
beaten like a dead horse. See another website.

the least likely team to acquire him at all.

Nothing appetizing here unless the Sixers include Evan Turner. If they get Melo, Iguodala would have to be moved to replace whatever they sent away. They have a bigger chance than you might expect but it all depends on the availability of Turner and/or Holiday.

If they can turn Peja and candy into Melo they would be heroes. Peja cannot be traded until January 20th. Everyone says they won’t do it but I think they should at least try.

They don’t have young pieces on good contracts but if the Nuggets like any of the players then a deal is definitly possible.


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