Trading Melo west
Some fantasy NBA trades: Melo to the Mavs
Caron Butler, Haywood or a Trade Exception and Beaubois to the Bobcats, Gerald Wallace and Boris Diaw to the Nuggets
Not shown but draft picks should be headed to Denver.

This trade hinges on Denver. Is Wallace and Diaw plus picks enough to satisfy them? Charlotte gets their PG they need so bad and an expiring contract to cover the loss of Wallace. Dallas would hav to give up Beaubois in any Melo deal. This trade could even be a straight up trade of Butler, Beaubois, and a trade exception for Anthony. I included the Bobcats because they need a point guard and can give the Nuggets some semblance of a star in Gerald Wallace.
Melo to the Rockets
Melo and Billups to the Rockets for Yao, Patrick Patterson, the expiring contract of Jared Jeffries, Chase Budinger, and Aaron Brooks.
I tried to make this a perfect world and not have the Rockets give up Martin or Scola. The Nuggets don’t need Aaron Brooks with Lawson on the roster, but he is my selling piece here. In every scenario with the Rockets and Melo, Martin would have to go except this one.
This trade can be with or without JR Smith depending on if the Nuggets want to shed salary in this deal.
Yao’s salary in here is only to offset Billups since I am assuming that the Rockets would only give up Martin if Billups is in the deal.
Patterson, Budinger, Jordan Hill, Jeffries, and a trade exception also work but I am assumming that the Rockets won’t part with Hill.
Trading Yao works wonders for this trade. For one the Rockets won’t have to worry about cutting him and will have had a superstar in return for him. The Nuggets have the best of both world, they get a world renown superstar to sell jerseys for six months and can cut bait with him at the end of it.

Another trade consider
Vince Carter and candy to the Nuggets for Melo.
The only thing is, Carter for Melo would have to one for one because of rules. The Suns would technically have to sell the Nuggets the rest or use trade exceptions for it.

The Warriors have a lot of moveable pieces for Melo.
Here are two such trades: with and without Monta Ellis

The Grizzlies have Zach Randolph’s huge expiring contract and several young guys. Here is one without Randolph but it guts the Grizzlies roster.


One Response to Trading Melo west

  1. Monex says:

    But should Denver get to the point where it realizes its trade him or lose him one team thought to have a real shot to land him via a sign-and-trade is the Nets. Nets general manager Billy King steadfastly has maintained a no comment stance on any trade possibilities and did so again yesterday. But the Nets have enough pieces including 10 draft picks over three years and young players to devise a trade for Anthony.

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