Have you ever considered the things that you have that have lasted? Have you thought that they would last this long? I know that you probably never have but I think too much.
I look around my room and I see the TV that I have had since 3rd grade that still works better than just about every tv in the house, the superman pillowcase that I have had since the 80s, and the stuffed dog that I carried everywhere as a child. These have survived moves, room re organization, earthquakes, and above all else age. The thing is, these things are so random that no one else would notice.
This christmas as it was time to take out the stockings and other crap that jesus loves take out this time of year; I couldn’t help but notice that I have a stocking that my sister’s ex boyfriend gave to me when she was in high school. She is now almost 40 and is what some would peg as a divorced middle aged woman. This stupid thing has lasted a solid 20 years, 5 boy toys, and numerous trends later.

What do you have that has lasted a long time?

(Update, since I started writing this article, the TV is gone)


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