NFL Coaching Hot Seat

SF : already gone
St Louis: he has a 2 year  leash
Seattle: same as St. Louis
Arizona: maybe next year but the water is getting warm here

Green Bay: no
Minnesota: already gone, but I would retain the new coach
Detroit: I would fire him but I doubt they will. They have shown no signs of improvement
Chicago: no but they should keep Mike Martz at all costs

Atlanta: safe as can be
Carolina: worst kept secret in the league, Fox is gone
Tampa Bay: give him an extension
New Orleans: safe

Dallas: already gone, I would not keep the Garrett.
Philadelphia: this may be controversial but I would fire Andy Reid if they are one and done in the playoffs. He picked the wrong quarterback to stick with and blew his chance at a first round bye in an incredibly weak division. The Giants are the most overrated team in the NFL and should have been easy to hold off.
Giants: Coughlin turned nothing into something, well done so here is a pink slip.
Washington: He will get another year but if they were smart, they would fire Shanahan. He screwed not one but 2 franchise players in his first year. That is impossible to do.

Jacksonville: Del Rio turned a bowl of crap into a bowl of crap with a scented finish. Del Rio deserves to stay.
Indianapolis: No but get rid of the training staff for not being able to keep people healthy
Tennessee: They have been saying that it is Fisher or Young. As much as I love Fisher, I think that it is time to move on. If I was the GM and got a decent offer for Young I would move him too because he is far from a sure thing.
Houston: Get rid of him. They need a big name coach like a Gruden. They have had a very nice core in place for a while and if they don’t move fast then it will be time to rebuild again.

Cleveland: This is the hardest one. Mangini has turned a team destined for the first pick in the draft into a team that is respectable. They will probably be a wild card favorite next year. I say Mangini stays because they are closer than anyone thought.
Pittsburgh: not a chance
Baltimore: no
Cincinnati: Bye bye. Lewis is too inconsistent.

San Diego: another controversial pick but Norv Turner is one of the safest coaches in the league. He will take you to the playoffs but not the Super Bowl. San Diego needs a big name because like Houston, their time is almost up.
Oakland: I would give Cable another year. If they fail next year then he is gone.
Kansas City: no
Denver: Already gone.

Buffalo: it is his first year so no
Jets: no
New England: no
Miami: another hard choice. Miami had no reason to compete this year. I would give Sparano 2 more years. (I would like to point out that the Dolphins are a team that I regularly root for. They are not my favorite but they are up there when it comes to rooting interest)

Openings (12): Denver, San Diego, Cincy, Houston, Tennessee, Washington, Giants, Philadelphia(if they fail in playoffs), Dallas, Carolina, Detroit, San Francisco

Teams that should go after big names: Houston, San Diego

Maybe next year: Oakland, Arizona, Buffalo, Jacksonville

I am available to be hired for any team 🙂


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