The If I ever saw you, I would buy you a drink even if I was a broke alcoholic who didn’t drink anymore Hall of Fame.


1 and 2. Garette Ratliff Henson and Elden Henseon aka Guy Germaine and Fulton Reed of the Mighty Ducks Movie Franchise
What a lot of people do not know is that these two are brothers in real life. Elected in because they were the heart of the movie franchise. Yes the movies evolved around Coach Bombay, Adam Banks, and Charlie Conway but Guy was one of the the best players on the Ducks and Fulton was the enforcer. I remember pretending to shoot slap shots like Fulton Reed. Garette scores extra points for once appearing in Doogie Howser.

3. Mike Vitar aka Luis Mendoza from the Mighty Ducks and the dude from the Sandlot
He starred in 3 of my favorite movies. The Sanlot is a cult classic and his character was because of it. He then turned around and played the comedic Luis Mendoza in the Mighty Ducks series.

4. Ty Cobb
There are so many stories about how crazy this guy is that I would just love to meet him once, buy him a bunch of beer and sit back and see him beat the shit out of someone in a bar fight. Honored because of my mom was born in Detroit and as a result they were my second team behind the Dodgers.

5 and 6. George Seifert and Eric Davis (the football player)
As much as I loathe the 49ers now, they were really the first football team where I could name every player. My team ever since they came into existence though is the Carolina Panthers. When these two guys moved to the Panthers they became instant favorites of mine. Davis is nominated because at my very first footbal game(49ers vs Lions, Monday night football, Joe Montana’s last football game as a 49er), I got his autograph.

7 and 8. Austin Aries and Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson
I did not pick these guys because they are PWG regulars, rather they were picked because they are great wrestlers who happen to be vegans. I wish that more athletes would be like this.

9. Anthony Peeler
Another vegetarian but he is also on this list because he was on the earliest basketball team that I ever watched: the 90s Lakers.


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