Kirk Rueter, BJ Surhoff, Marquis Grissom, and Bobby Higginson were on the Hall of Fame ballot, what a fucking joke. Kirk Rueter! Kirk Rueter!
BJ Surhoff got 2 more votes than Raul Mondesi(0 votes) and one more than Bret Boone who is a legitimate Hall of Famer in my book. Those voters need their credentials taken away from them. Grissom got 4 votes. I don’t even know how he got one.
In good news at least the voters gave Larry Walker some credit, he got 118 votes which is more than McGwire, Dave Parker,  Juan Gonzalez, John Franco, and Kevin Brown.

For the record here is my Hall of Fame votes if I had one, which I will one day:

1. Alan Trammel…forget about his stats: he was Mr. Tiger for close to 20 years.
2. Lee Smith
3. Edgar Martinez
4. Mark McGwire
5. Dave Parker … he is a borderline case but it is a travesty that he will not be on the ballot anymore
6. Rafael Palmeiro
Juan Gonzalez
8. Kevin Brown
9. Larry Walker
10. Bret Boone

no disrespect to Barry Larkin and Roberto Alomar but they were never solid hitting 2nd basemen and Alomar had an attitude problem.


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