how to have super hero powers instead of being a stoner

I love my brother, I think. The following is his story for this blog. If he reads the following, the fact is that he will be pretty offended. I am not sure that I care enough about that fact to take this down though because I did write it and I don’t mind people knowing how I feel.I guess that you can say that this is my way of putting it out in the open.
My brother has done a lot of drugs in his life. A lot. I witnessed what they could do to a person because of him at a very early age. He got put in a special kind of hospital when I was in elementary school. He actually got back to normal pretty fast. In fact, I give him credit because it actually took the time that it took him to recover to being a normal person from one long bad acid trip longer than it did for me from one of my bouts of depression.
The fact is though that I am convinced that he has wanted to be a superhero his whole life. It has got to the point that he actually believes that he has super powers and that he can teach them. You see ever since he got out, he has taken up tai chi and supplemented his drug use time with tai chi instead. He really loves his tai chi and probably thought very highly of in the tai chi community, or not and for this very reason. He is convinced that tai chi gives him super powers. He believes that he can control time, feel the same pain that others feel, and read your mind. Now I am not saying that I don’t believe those things to an extent but lets just say that I believe in people reading minds like the fact that I can read your mind and you know that you are either doing one of two things: laughing at him, or laughing at me right now.
This is really starting to concern me now because he lives with a young impressionable mind(18 year old girl) and helps with a young impressionable mind in my youngest brother (10). My older brother has surrounded himself with people that believe in his tai chi philosophy. He lives with his tai chi teacher so it is two guys who believe in Jedi mind tricks and one impressionable young girl. Now I know 18 year old girls are nuts as it is but she is being told how certain people feel by a person that is convinced that he can read minds, oh wait two people. 18 year old girls love to gossip so imagine being able to gossip what people are thinking; that is what a gossiper craves. (Note, if you steal this as a movie idea, I will find you and kick your ass unless you give me some money for it first.) Beyond her we got my little brother. He has enough trouble making friends because he looks like a first grader. By having my older brother and my teacher say that they can do mind tricks has to make him an instant loner if he tells his friends. He needs someone like me who will take him to sports games and with a manly ego. Aren’t I awesome and such a great brother?


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