So recently an old friend tried to disguise themselves on facebook, under the guise of being a fan of this site. Ya right, I have no readers but if I do then here is a post just for you, my one and only reader:



Between You and Laura Miller
January 29 at 5:54pm Report
I wanted to comment on the bird story and do you have any idea why there would be no comment bar for any of your blogs, yet I have comment bars on my other friend’s pages? I don’t get it. THis sux.

Daniel A. Dubay January 29 at 5:55pm
ya bc i took you off bc i dont know who you are and have plausible to reason to think that you are someone else

Daniel A. Dubay January 29 at 7:17pm
i dont even mind having you as a friend on here. it has been some time and you obviously want to keep tabs on me, just dont hide it. if you are who i think you are, i would love to catch up

January 30 at 6:43pm Report
I am not really a Facebook person. Frienid talked me into it. hardly on here and once in awhile I see something interesting, but if you don’t know why I have that issue, that is ok. Thanks anyway.

Daniel A. Dubay January 30 at 7:46pm
give it up, you have been playing this game for years. i wont think any less of you

January 31 at 1:17am Report
Sorry. I think you have me confused with another person.

Daniel A. Dubay February 1 at 6:54pm
I thought that you are too old for games. Give me a reason not to report this fake profile. You can go ahead and change the subject again but I will go on with my business.
As I said before, I have no problem with the real you adding me, I just thought that you were too old to play these games.

February 2 at 12:23am Report
reason number 1 why I was not wanting facebook in the first place. Here I thought you were interesting with sports, but you are a scary looking and weird acting guy. Bye! Good luck with your stalker! LOL (you look like one)

I frosted, that is why I look like stalker to her.


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