Fuck this super bowl and fuck all of you bandwagon fans. Go Panthers

How great is this Super Bowl for all the bandwagon people. You have the Steelers, Packers, and then its being played at the Cowboys stadium so you have an excuse to buy one of each jersey from your local Wal Mart. If you like any of the teams in the Super Bowl and are not from their city or live near or in said city then I would like to be the first one to kick you in the nuts. Yes there are some exceptions but these are the ultimate bandwagon teams. If you walk into any walmart/sports chalet/k mart/ or any dipshit store like that then I guarantee you that you will find these teams jerseys on top of your local team. Why? Because they are bandwagon teams. Everywhere you go, you see Broncos, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, and 49ers jerseys. You won’t find Texans, Panthers, Jaguars, Chiefs, Cardinals, or Titans jerseys. Why because they are not bandwagon teams. Chances are that I am the only true Panthers fan that you will ever know and you only know me casually. Your an adult, you are gay if you like Cowboys, nobody mines for gold making 49ers irrelevant, you are not a Patriot because you make a point to get nachos while the national anthem is going on, and you don’t know what a Packer or Steeler is. So go buy an Eagles, Panthers, Dolphins, Bears, or Jaguars jersey. Caring about eagles makes you a true patriot, liking Panthers, Jaguars, and Bears makes you look tough, and girls love Dolphins.
Its not even like people like the Packers and Steelers because they have cool logos. Being from Los Angeles, I will be the first to admit that I adopted the Panthers as my team because they have the coolest logo. No, the Packers are green and yellow. The Steelers are black and Yellow. How many people do you know that like the color Yellow? Shit how many people wear the color yellow in public? If I wore a Yellow shirt that wasn’t a Packers or Steelers shirt you would call me a flamer. Well you know what I am calling you a flamer for wearing a Steelers or Packers jersey. The only reason you even like them is because everyone else likes them. Think for yourself and go buy a Lions jersey because your mom is from Detroit, or pick up a Redskins jersey because your dead granpa’s favorite team was Washington. For the love of god though, jump off the fucking bandwagon of the obvious teams.

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