Ban heaters in CA, people are pussies

Can we make a rule that bans heaters or at least bans them in California? Heck, I would take a rule that bans women using heaters in california. Have you ever had to deal with a hormonal female who controls the heater and air conditioner? It is the worst thing in the world, you are feel like you are in Lancaster, CA in the summer when its winter, oh wait I’m in Lancaster already already. I don’t need it to feel like it is 110 degrees and can’t breathe when its fucking cold outside. I find myself walking around my house in boxers when its 30 degrees out because of the heater. And here is the kicker, I get yelled at for it. Well bitch turn down the thermometer and put some fucking clothes on. Do I complain when it is too cold in the house? No, I put on some socks or a sweat shirt and move on, yet when you think it is cold in the house you have to make the whole house know about it.

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