School busses: we pay all this tax money for them and they don’t even have seatbelts

Do you know what amazes me: how school buses don’t have seat belts. Everything about kids involves safety. there r so many stupid rules about kids and safety like Your 10 year old can’t sit in the front seat if there is an airbag, an 18 year old can’t smoke in a car if a 17 year old is in it, you need a new top of line car seat until they r 10 now if they are short.; but that same kid who cant sit in the front seat because of the airbag can seat 3 or 4 without a seat belt to a row that doesn’t even fit my 6’5 skinny ass. I am convinced that this is the schools way of population lowering; If a kid flys out the window oh well, one less kid to yell at. Not having seat belts makes it easier for for kids to moon the drivers and run away from the teacher. Do you know how hard it is to discipline a kid on a moving bus; An adult can barely walk in a bus but a small little kid is pretty agile squirming through row after row after throwing his peanut butter and jelly at a car on the freeway. My 25 year old ass couldn’t navigate my way in      a bus, imagine a 60 year old lady.
You know who needs seat belts the most: the kids on the short bus; they have no self control. Not having seat belts is like not putting hannibal in a straight jacket. The kid are not tied up so u just know that they will scream and yell and bite the bus driver. You know who is in charge of these special kids: the overpaid bus driver who has no qualifications with special ed kids. He ends up kicking them off the bus for a week and the parent who signed the up for the bus for a reason and whose only solace from having a spec needs kid is not having to drive them 2 school before they go to their 4 jobs to pay for the special ed kid, ends up getting punished. Those parents deserve a medal by the way. And do you know why it cost so much to send that kid to a special school? It is because they are paying for a bus without seat belts so their housekeeper who has 11 kids and has all of them on medicare can be able to get her kids on the damn bus. Can one of them fly out the window while mooning a truck driver? Can I throw one of them out?


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