About me

I am a person with anxiety issues who gets pissed off pretty easily, as you can see. I keep everything bottled up inside until I develop an ulcer (yes I have had several) or just keep in for so long that it affects my daily tasks. Believe it or not though, I really don’t care about that many things. Do I have an opinion on them, absolutely. Why do I share these opinions that piss people off, because it is the internet and you can basically do whatever you want on here. Now believe it or not, I do have my limits. I will not post something that I do not believe in, I will not post anything that will offend people that I care about (A while ago they realized that I will open my mouth and say what I am thinking regardless if it offends people around or not so they are at the point of not caring), and I will not say anything that will get me knowingly arrested or on any government list. Everything else is fair game.
Here is something that you need to know about me: Calling me crazy for my opinions and a lunatic is like shooting blanks. I have been called everything under the sun, and it has come from the people who supposedly care about me so there is nothing that you can say that will offend me. I deal with people who slander and shit talk me all day, again they are called family so if you want to do the same then go right ahead. In fact, I encourage you; my responses will give me practice for the next day of my life when I have to use them on my family.
So if you want to tell me that my writing and opinion sucks, be my guest but just remember by telling me your opinion of me that you are no better than me. A wise man once said “opinions are like assholes”, everyone has one. (Well unless you have your asshole sewn up and you shit in a bag, in which case I have a few ideas of what you can do with that shit.) Despite your opinions, I will keep on writing just to piss you off.


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